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Feb 24, 2013 9:00pm PST
conversation covered death pete and use of drones. he also spoke about the lack of influence the u.s. now has what is occurring in israel. >> the united states has you might say zero influence either in jerusalem or among the palestinians. i'm very grieved about that. >> he also went into the controversy in the canadians were in the film of argo. he they should have gotten more credit in the iran controversy. >> and saying affleck took liberties with the actual events he liked the film and wished it well. in san francisco, i'm tomas ramon, "abc 7 news." >> a grease fire at a restaurant has pushed some people out of their homes tonight. take a look at the photo that smoke filled the street moments after the fire started. the fire broke out in a ground floor mexican restaurant on golden gate avenue they are larkin street. fortunately nobody was hurt. officers noticed heavy smoke rising from the building. >> we were sitting there watching tv and heard the sirens. we heard the police in the hallway and people scream get out, get out. >> they saw it first. kudos to the police department. they do a
Feb 7, 2013 9:00pm PST
christopher is insane. >> he knows what he is doing. >>reporter: why now? he was honorably discharged from u.s. navy reserve just last friday after 10 years service. including a tour in the persian gulf. was that the trigger for this killing spree? evidence of careful careful mraichblingt i have more questions than do i have answers at this point. >> christopher gets apparent wish if killed we might never know the whole truth. abc news los angeles. >> again we'll continue to kind updated moment by moment as need be on the search for this man in southern california. moving on, though, 2 men one armed with gun threatened to kill a fair field school custodian unless he told them where the school i-pad were committee. happened last nature about 10:00 p.m. at the continuation school on east alaska avenue. again in fairfield police say the robber forced the nuys night custody i don't know to lead to the i-pad and used duct tape to bind him to the desk. they stole 40 and fled on foot. custodian not injured. >> when man tried to drown himself at beach in alameda local rescuers said at the tim
Feb 8, 2013 9:00pm PST
in the u.s. with serious mechanical safety violations. >>> outgoing secretary of defense panetta calling it the honor of his life time. soldiers from all branches of the military along with the president gave the retiring panetta a send off salute in arlington, virginia today. panetta served more than 4 decades in various role of government including the director of the cia. >>> secret service is investigating reports that a hacker broke into the each mail accounts of the bush family. breach includes both former president e-mail show it bush family prepared for george hw bush funeral in december when the former president was hospitalized for respiratory ailment. also show that neal bush helped salvage the reputation of bill clinton after the presidency. and that george w bush is something of an amateur painter. story first reported by the web site the smoking gun. it says the security code at the home in dallas was also exposed. >>> well still ahead tonight. chapter out of bay area rich rock and roll history. battle of the bands competition entering the 50th year. and [ woman ] don
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3